National Farmers Market Week

The first full week in August has been designated National Farmers Market Week. According to the Press Release of the Famers Market Coalition: “Now more than ever, farmers markets serve as anchors across American communities, positively influencing community health and wealth. Markets result in more viable regional economies and local farm businesses, increased access to fresh, nutritious food, and stronger social networks that help keep communities healthy. By the beginning of 2016, there were more than 8,500 farmers markets in the U.S—that is 50% more than just five years ago.”

Their main points about farmers markets are that they:

  • Preserve America’s Rural Livelihoods and Farmland
  • Stimulate Local Economies
  • Increase Access to Fresh, Nutritious Food
  • Support Healthy Communities
  • Promote Sustainability

Another benefit is that buying food fresh helps build a bond between the food grower and the buyer. Also, the produce is fresher and more delicious. And it’s a great outing for the kids, to teach them that food comes from farmers, and doesn’t appear magically at the local supermarket. Plus, often you can pick up unique craft items as well.

So find your local farmers market and give it a try! Where I live, it’s the perfect time to be buying squash, peppers, snap peas, and lettuce, among others. See what’s available in your area.

The graphic below is of two of the attractive T-shirts you can purchase from the Farmers Market Coalition.


Quotes about farmers markets

Farmer’s markets are more than places to buy food. They’re important parts of the community.–Michael Pollan

What makes the farmers market such a special place is that you’re actually creating community around food.–Bryant Terry

Buy quality, buy organic, buy natural, go to the farmers market. Immediately that’s going to increase the quality of the food you make.–Michael Symon

Most cooks try to learn by making dishes. Doesnt mean you can cook. It means you can make that dish. When you can cook is when you can go to a farmers market, buy a bunch of stuff, then go home and make something without looking at a recipe. Now youre cooking.–Tom Colicchio

Look at our farmers markets today, bursting with heritage breeds and heirloom varieties, foods that were once abundant when we were an agricultural nation, but that we have lost touch with. Bringing all these back helps us connect to our roots, our communities and helps us feed America the proper way.–Jose Andres

People should go to their local grocery store or farmers’ market and buy ugly, misshapen foods, then cook with them and document their dishes. And share not only the funny-looking foods, but the fantastic results.–Dana Cowin

Farmers’ markets are one of my favourite sources for Christmas goodies.–Sheherazade Goldsmith

We’ll be going to the fish market and a farmer’s market this afternoon to get what we need to make and eat dinner as a family. I’m trying to expose my kids to going to a farmers market or the fish market and learning what that’s all about.–Emeril Lagasse

Go to the farmers market and buy food there. You’ll get something that’s delicious.–Alice Waters

Farmers’ markets, community co-ops, and mobile markets get fresh, organic produce to the people who can’t afford to shop at health-food stores.–Van Jones

The farmers markets were another step to giving people an opportunity to take more power over their own lives-and also to provide another outlet for organic produce.–Jerry Brown

I cook. I go to farmers markets in London and cook really good sort of organic foods.–Keira Knightley

I even feel alive and inspired when I walk through farmers markets appreciating and learning about local fruits and vegetables.–Amanda Schull

I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from. I would like to see small farmers empowered.–Anthony Bourdain

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