National School Lunch Week

School lunches get a bad rap – or at least they did when I was a kid. And from what I’ve read, compared to the lunches in some other countries, they may deserve it. My brother used to refer to anything unpleasant, whether food or not, as a “school lunch.” Yet especially in poorer neighborhoods, the hot lunches children get at school may be the best food they get all day. In fact in my town, several organizations band together to give children one free meal each day during the summer and other school holidays so they don’t go hungry because school is out. Some children also get breakfast at school.

So whatever their reputation, school lunches are important. Through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, schools must meet certain nutritional standards for school meals. These include such things as more fruit and vegetables, whole grains, meat or a meat alternative, and reducing sodium and fat in the meals. So things are gradually getting better.

I must admit that I never did buy school lunches. I carried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all my school life, and probably on white bread. I eat better now! Whatever we think of school lunches, children who are not hungry learn better. So if lunches need to be improved, let’s improve them, but in the meantime, I am glad they are there, especially for poorer children.


Quotes about school lunches, plus a few about lunch in general.

Rats! There goes the bell… oh, how I hate lunch hours! I always have to eat alone because nobody likes me… Peanut butter again… I wish that little red haired girl would come over, and sit with me. Wouldn’t it be great if she’d walk over here, and say, “May I eat lunch with you, Charlie Brown?” I’d give anything to talk with her… she’d never like me, though… I’m so blah and so stupid… she’d never like me… I wonder what would happen if I went over and tried to talk to her! Everyone would probably laugh… she’d probably be insulted someone as blah as I am tried to talk to her. I hate lunch hour… all it does is make me lonely… during class it doesn’t matter… I can’t even eat… Nothing tastes good… Rats! Nobody is ever going to like me… Lunch hour is the loneliest hour of the day!–Charlie Brown as recorded by Charles M. Schulz

“We have lunch at ten-forty-five,” Colin said. “A stupidly early lunch. At our school, the older you get, the stupider your lunch period.”–Rebecca Stead

The practice of doing more than necessary works best when packing lunch boxes.–Josh Stern

We’re talking about our kids’ futures. Our schools need to be teaching our kids how to eat healthy.–Nadine Burke

We need to reform our school lunch programs. We need to get healthy items into the vending machines.–Joan Lunden

Students can’t focus if their stomach hurts because they’re hungry or their head hurts. They’re not learning, and they’re not making positive choices.–Diane Gillen

In an ideal world for me, school lunch would be free for everybody.–Tom Colicchio

I really am at a place where I think we need to feed every child at school for free and feed them a real school lunch that’s sustainable and nutritious and delicious. It needs to be part of the curriculum of the school in the same way that physical education was part of the curriculum, and all children participated.–Alice Waters

When I was in school I had two favorite subjects, lunch and recess.–Unknown

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.–Milton Friedman

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.–Orson Welles

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