National Sticky Bun Day

February 21 is National Sticky Bun Day. These sweet treats are made from regular yeast dough but are put into a pan with brown sugar and butter in the bottom. You can add other things like cinnamon or honey or orange zest or nuts of some kind, but only the first two are actually needed. Most of the information on the Web shows these made much like cinnamon rolls, with brown sugar and butter and cinnamon placed on rolled out dough, then formed into a log shape and cut off, putting the buns on top of the brown sugar and butter in the pan. I suppose that must be the official way, but that’s not the way my mother made them. She put the brown sugar and butter and walnuts in the bottom of the pan, but then she cut about two inch round balls from the main dough, and rolled them out and formed them into a pretzel shape to lay in the pan. They were wonderful. Though I do a lot of baking myself now, I have never been able to recreate my mother’s sticky buns. But oh, I can taste them now!

The actual origins of the first sticky bun are unknown, but it looks like it came to the United States with the German settlers to Pennsylvania. They were originally called schnecken. Even now Philadelphia is known as the place to find a sticky bun. Some folks say it is only another name for cinnamon roll, but they are wrong.

You can find many recipes on the Web if you would like to try your hand at these. Simply enter “sticky bun recipe” into your favorite browser, and there you are.


Needless to say, there aren’t really any quotes about sticky buns, so here are some about bread.

There is not a thing that is more positive than bread.–Fyodor Dostoevsky

Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.–James Beard

The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in its evocation of innocence and delight.–M.F.K. Fischer

If I survive, I will spend my whole life at the oven door seeing that no one is denied bread and, so as to give a lesson one is denied bread and, so as to give a lesson of charity, especially those who did not bring flour.–Jose Marti

Without bread all is misery.–William Cobbett

Avoid those who don’t like bread and children.–Swiss Proverb

With a piece of bread in your hand you’ll find paradise under a pine tree.–Russian Proverb

Rather a piece of bread with a happy heart than wealth with grief.–Egyptian Proverb

Better dry bread in peacetime than meat in wartime.–Hungarian Proverb

I judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee.–Burt Lancaster

I like reality. It tastes like bread.–Jean Anouilh

Man does not live by bread alone, even presliced bread.–D. W. Brogan

Bread is a staple article of diet in theory, rather than in practice. There are few who are truly fond of bread in its simplest, most pure, and most healthful state….Is there one person in a thousand who would truly enjoy a meal of simple bread of two days old?–William Andrus Alcott

…is there anything in the world lovelier than fresh warm bread and a mug of sweet golden tea?–Frank McCourt

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