National Grouch Day

As Oscar sings in the “Grouch Anthem” it is the day for grouches of the world to unite. October 15 is the day set aside to celebrate your inner grouch. According to the dictionary, a grouch is a habitually irritable or complaining person and most grouchy people are at their happiest when others around them can share in their misery and general unhappy nature. It is said that the folks at the Sesame Street Magazine created this day to pay tribute to their resident grouch.

This might seem to be an odd thing for me to feature in this blog, but the topic is near and dear to my heart because of my Dad. He used to pretend every Christmas to be grouchy and Scrooge-like, when really he loved the season as much as anyone did. This led to us always finding a “Grinch present” for him, such as a little stocking of coal, various crab items, various Grinch items, and other such. The very best year, he complained about people having artificial trees, so we made him a small artificial tree that we strung with Brussel sprouts to decorate it. He was delighted.

Seriously, though, all of us are grouchy or grumpy at one time or another. We wouldn’t be human if there weren’t things that irritate us. This is the day when you can complain about what is bothering you, as long as you don’t let it become your default setting. So fuss about the weather, or the traffic, or the pain in your knee, or your least favorite politician. But above all, be sure to listen to the Grouch Anthem.

Here is the first verse:
Grouches of the world unite!
Stand up for your grouchly rights!
Don’t let the sunshine spoil the rain
Just stand up and complain.


Quotes about being grumpy

Am I grumpy? I might be. But I think maybe sometimes it’s misinterpreted.–Harrison Ford

I’m a perfect example of the grumpy, old man. I’m really good at it.–Ned Beatty

In actual life I am a grumpy old bag.–Dawn French

I used to be good with kids, but as I get older, I’m grumpy and terrible with them. As for doing a gig at a 6-year old’s birthday party, you couldn’t pay me enough.–Johnny Vegas

It’s true, I’ve become one of those grumpy older women.–Penelope Wilton

I’m not romantic at all. I’m a moaner. I should be on Grumpy Old Men. I’m terrible.–Bruno Tonioli

The line between angry young woman and grumpy old lady is very fine.–Judy Horacek

Normally, in anything I do, I’m fairly miserable. I do it, and I get grumpy because there is a huge, vast gulf, this aching disparity, between the platonic ideal of the project that was living in my head, and the small, sad, wizened, shaking, squeaking thing that I actually produce.–Neil Gaiman

Hopefully I’m not a grumpy old guy sitting in the corner, yelling at people and demanding things.–George W. Bush

I’m not always a positive person. I wake up grumpy, I read the newspaper and I get furious that the world is still at war.–Jason Mraz

Don’t ask me any questions right now. I’m grumpy and I’ll probablly make fun of you.–Effie Kaligaris

It is the prerogative of wizards to be grumpy.–Jim Butcher

I don’t want to sound like some grumpy old man telling you to get off my lawn.–Michael Wilbon

Guys my age are married or divorced or grumpy, fat and balding.–Madonna Ciccone

I don’t describe myself as a sociable person now. I can be quite… you know… grumpy? Is that a word? I guess I can be a bit grumpy.–Nick Frost

I’m that grumpy old guy yelling at all those pesky little Grizzly Bear fans to get offa my lawn.–Chuck Eddy

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