National Cookbook Month

October is National Cookbook Month. While it’s true that I get most of my recipes off the Internet nowadays, I also love cookbooks. So do others. I currently have one on hold at my local library called The I Heart Naptime Cookbook by Jamielyn Nye. I was the third in line; now I am two of three. It consists of recipes which can be made quickly, giving you time to nap. Sounds good to me – and obviously to others as well!

According to Wikipedia, in the U.S., over 300,000 cookbooks are published or re-released each year. We are beaten only by China, which published an astonishing 400,000. (Statistics for 2013 for each country) The UK comes in a lagging third with 184,000. There are no statistics, of course, on how many of these are actually used by the buyers. Speaking for myself, I usually find one or two recipes from a book that I actually want to keep. Still, my own personal  cookbook is bulging with recipes I’ve collected from all over.

I suspect that like many of you reading this, I also cook seasonally. Lately, that has meant pumpkin. My sister has been visiting, and together we have made pumpkin swirl brownies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, and even pumpkin chili. All those recipes come from the Internet, in case they sound interesting! Believe it or not, they were all delicious. So find yourself a cookbook or a new recipe and try it this month. It’s always good to step out of a rut and make something new.


Quotes about cookbooks

It was just the thing; the writer assumes you know nothing about cookery and gives useful hints: “When adding eggs, break the shells first.”–Mary Ann Shaffer (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society)

It is important to view a recipe book as one that you use daily and what we in our family call “a living book” — a book that you use all the time, not just read once and discard on the shelf. It is in a sense a spell book, a book of magical enchantments, to be consulted, used and altered as needed.–The Silver Elves

That’s the trouble with cookbooks. Like sex education and nuclear physics, they are founded on an illusion. They bespeak order, but they end in tears.–Anthony Lane

The biggest seller is cookbooks and the second is diet books — how not to eat what you’ve just learned how to cook.–Andy Rooney

Cook-books have always intrigued and seduced me. When I was still a dilettante in the kitchen they held my attention, even the dull ones, from cover to cover, the way crime and murder stories did.–The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book

I did toy with the idea of doing a cook-book…. I think a lot of people who hate literature but love fried eggs would buy it if the price was right.–Groucho Marx

Americans, more than any other culture on earth, are cookbook cooks; we learn to make our meals not from any oral tradition, but from a text. The just-wed cook brings to the new household no carefully copied collection of the family’s cherished recipes, but a spanking new edition of Fannie Farmer or The Joy of Cooking.–John Thorne

Old cookbooks connect you to your past and explain the history of the world.–Jose Andres

I love getting cookbooks – people will give them to me, and I read them like novels and file everything away.–Gwyneth Paltrow

What makes cookbooks interesting is to find out about the people and the culture that invented the food.–Vincent Schiavelli

The problem is that there is many great chefs and many great cookbooks, but none of them work at home.–Daniel Boulud

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