World Post Day

World Post Day is celebrated each year on October 9th. The event was declared by the 1969 Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo as a means to mark the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) creation in 1874.

Approximately 150 countries take part in celebrating the World Post Day every year. Some of the countries promote their new postal services or products at this special day and reward their employees for good services. Most of the countries organize philatelic exhibitions and issue new stamps. Displaying posters on World Post Day in post offices as well as public places, conferences, seminars and workshops including cultural, sport, recreational activities are other activities. Speech is given by the high rank officers at this day about the history and achievements of the postal services.

Although many, if not most of us use email or texting for our everyday messages, the post office is still an important organization. Businesses rely on it, and so do regular people for delivering parcels. Where I am living now in rural Ireland, An Post is the only reliable means of getting packages to my house, because the local mail people understand how addresses work in these villages. Amazon UK sent me a package via another service, and it never came at all. They resent it through the post and it came in two days.

There are three purposes for this special day.

  1. The World Post Day aims increase the awareness of people about the postal sector role for people and businesses every day.
  2. It is celebrated to let the people about its contribution towards the social and economic development of the countries.
  3. It is celebrated to encourage the countries to carry out various activities to generate the big awareness among people and media about its role and activities on a national level.

So appreciate your post office today!

Quotes about the (mainly U.S.) Postal Service

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. [The Motto Of The U.S. Postal Service]–Herodotus

The Postal Service delivers mail six days a week to nearly 140 million addresses. Every year this number increases by 2 million.–Joe Baca

But the fact is, Mr. Chairman, for all the challenges the Postal Service of the 21st century faces, it still retains its traditional place as a key cog in how American businesses conduct their affairs and how Americans all across this land communicate.–John M. McHugh

The Postal Service’s unmatched ability to reach every household and business in America six days a week is a vital part of the nation’s infrastructure.–Joe Baca

A federal court has ruled that the U.S. Postal Service must reduce its stamp prices. The change in stamp prices is expected to affect as many as seven Americans.–Conan O’Brien

I don’t buy a lot when I travel, but when I do, I like to send gifts from wherever I am. It’s fun to find the local post office.–Juliana Hatfield

All the new technology seems redundant to me. I was quite happy with the United States mail service. And, I don’t even have an answering machine, for God’s sake.–Kurt Vonnegut

That’s my dream job, to be able to mail songs out to people who want to hear them. Paste my face on them and not travel all over the world trying to sell them.–Kristin Hersh

I’ve worked in a factory. I was a garbage man. I worked in a post office. It’s not that long ago. I like to think that I’m just a regular guy.–Denzel Washington

Give me the old familiar world, post-office and all, with this ever new self, with this infinite expectation and faith, which does not know when it is beaten.00Henry David Thoreau

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