National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

Today I want to celebrate all those involved in rehabilitation work. I have been the recipient of such for a couple of weeks, and I have great respect and admiration for the men and women who provide this useful service. Fortunately, my disability – a broken hip – will heal eventually, but for many, becoming disabled is a permanent life change.

There are a couple of kinds of rehabilitation for a physical injury (probably more, but two that I have been involved with) – physical therapy and occupational theory. Physical therapy is just what you would expect. You learn how to move without hurting yourself more, strengthen those areas which are weak, and learn to get along with any assistance device you might have. For me, it is a walker for now. Occupational therapy consists in seeing how many of your normal activities you can do now that you have this disability. So I practiced doing laundry, doing dishes, wiping counters, cooking, sweeping the floor and other such.

It’s not all drudgery, though. Therapy has moved into the modern era, with something like Wii. I went into a small room with a television screen up front. The therapist puts up a game that will test how well you can move – forwards, backwards, and diagonally. I had to move myself to move my marker on the screen to do various things, such as whack a mole, protect sheep from a hungry wolf, and cut flowers without blunting my scissors on cactuses. The games were fun!

Of course, there are many other kinds of rehabilitation as well, from drug and alcohol to speech, and many others. I only speak here of my experiences.

So today I salute the rehabilitation therapists out there. If you know one, thank him or her. They provide a wonderful service.


Some quotes about physical therapy

No class in physical therapy school prepared me to counsel a patient dealing with a life-changing injury.–Adele Levine

Regardless of a patient’s true motives to get out of bed, I always applaud on the inside. That’s what physical therapy is all about. To get them out of bed.–Adele Levine

Be patient with your body, with your time, with yourself.–Unknown

Physical therapists put the fun in functional.–Unknown

Some catchy physical therapy slogans

  • A touch of care.
  • Caring is our passion.
  • Don’t let pain keep you from life.
  • Enriching lives through physical independence.
  • Excellence driven. Superior results.
  • Finding the right specialist for your orthopedic needs just got easier.
  • Genuine commitment to your health.
  • Get back your active life.
  • Get Up! Get here! Get better!
  • Getting better everyday.
  • Hands on therapy that gets results.
  • Helping people take steps towards independence.
  • Helping you, help yourself.
  • Hope for a better tomorrow.
  • It’s about life… As you remember it.
  • Let your health shine.
  • Move forward.
  • Moving you to a better health.
  • One to One Hands On Care.
  • Quality care for a better quality of life.
  • Quality care from people who care.
  • Recover independence and get back to the life you love.
  • Relieve pain. Regain your life.
  • Strength, Mobility, Function, Life.
  • Teaching you today what you need to know tomorrow.
  • The best hour of your day, everyday.
  • The results you want. The care you deserve.
  • We help you get back in motion.
  • We help you get back on the right track.
  • When injury gets you out, we’ll get you back.
  • Where you can feel the change.
  • Your health. Our priority.

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